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Are you tired of the social media hustle?


Attention Facebookpreneur! Yeah, the one who’s brought in a decent amount of cash through just marketing inside Facebook™ groups, your friends list, doing daily lives and instagram stories, but that takes WORK!

The CONSTANT social media hustling I see online coaches doing inside their business from always launching a new product, burning out with how many high touch clients they have, never having a break in their business because they always have to hustle for the next sale.

I know you might think that passive income is impossible for you. That you have done this constant hustling and its been working so why change it and risk that next thing “not working”. The problem though for you is that right now, the freedom you are chasing for isn’t going to happen with you doing this constant hustle.

What will get you to financial freedom, AND time freedom is creating a system in your business that does ALL the marketing for you. I’m serious!



  • More time with your own self care
  • More time with family and friends (take a girls trip!)
  • More time to be creative inside your business and come up with inspiration offers
  • More time to spend with your high touch clients
  • More freedom in your business to run it how you want
  • More clients who are buying your offers and you can upsell them into high ticket offers

This is EXACTLY what I will teach you inside of Flow Facebook™ Ads, a 4-week course to show you how to create a successful Facebook™ Ad Funnel to build your audience and close more sales.

I’m going to share with you my EXACT simple formula to how my clients are ALWAYS growing their audience, and making sales on autopilot.

Hey! It’s Alex.

As a Facebook™ Ads Whiz, I have been able to help my clients create simple Facebook™ Ads that are ALWAYS flowing to get them more leads and more sales.

Some of my clients having 6000% ROI, 2,000 new people in their Facebook™ Group, booking sales calls for their group program, and so much more!

Hey! It’s Alex.

As a Facebook™ Ads Whiz, I have been able to help my clients create simple Facebook™ Ads that are ALWAYS flowing to get them more leads and more sales.

Some of my clients having 6000% ROI, 2,000 new people in their Facebook™ Group, booking sales calls for their group program, and so much more!

Within Flow Facebook™ Ads you will learn how to:


Create a Facebook™ Ad Funnel that you can have running behind the scenes to always bring in cold leads, and nurture them into ready to buy clients

Create retargeted ads for when you are launching a new offer so you can push it to the people who are ready to buy

Find your ideal client you’re searching for through either interest targeting or lookalike audiences

Test different audiences graphics, and copy to find the perfect fit that will get cheap, high-quality leads

Optimize your Facebook™ Ads for better results.



Here’s what we are covering during Flow Facebook™ Ads:

Module 1

Setting It Up

If you don’t set up everything you need for your ads, this whole entire process is going to suck. From the tech to the graphics, we will set it all up and get it ready to go.


  • Make sure you have a high-quality freebie that will attract the ideal client you ultimately want
  • Put together the pixel tech set up that will get you to track your leads, calls, or purchases the RIGHT way.
  • Nail down exactly who your ideal client is with my ideal client ad spreadsheet
  • Create the different copy and graphics you will be testing
  • Find old emails or social media posts you can turn into ads that will warm up your cold lead to know more about you, and what you do

Module 2


This is THE most important module, because without finding EXACTLY who your audience is, you’ll just be giving away your money to Mr. Zuckerburg and trust me, he already has enough of it.

  • Create different types of lookalike audiences to let Facebook™ find your ideal client FOR YOU
  • Create an interest targeting audience based on the ideal client ad spreadsheet we filled out the week prior

Module 3

Facebook Ad Funnel

Your Facebook™ Ad Funnel serves the same purpose any funnel does: brings cold leads into your space and warms them up into ready to buy clients. Within this module you will get a behind the scenes look into my Facebook™ Ads manager to know my exact steps into building your ad funnel.

  • Learn how to create lead generation ads that will bring in your cold leads
  • Create your warm up ads that will get your new cold leads to know more about you, and create a KLT factor with them
  • Know how to test the different audiences, graphics, and copy without breaking your budget and how to turn the ones that aren’t working off
  • Understand that ads don’t have to be expensive and you can have this running at $260 per month to bring in 100 new leads a month

Module 4

Launching Ads

Now that you have your ad funnel going at all times, now you need to know how to create ads that will retarget the ready to buy leads and properly turn them into paying clients. In this module I will give you a full behind the scenes breakdown on how to create ads for when you are launching new offers.

  • Creating simple Instagram story ads that will retarget to your new ready to buy audience to either sign up to a webinar, challenge, or even book a sales call
  • Understand your ad budget and how you can utilize it to get MORE sales for your launch

Here is a quick breakdown of what’s included in this COURSE:

 4 recorded video trainings

4 workbooks

Exclusive Facebook Group for Trainings + Q&A’s


Read what others have said about Flow Facebook Ads:

Melissa Lin

Business Coach For Health/Fitness Coaches

I’ve recently gone through the Flow Facebook Ads course and highly recommend!

Previous to this, I had zero experience with Facebook Ads and with Alexandra’s course I was able to create ads on my own and start seeing an incredible ROI within a few weeks!

I’ve already been able to sell two high ticket coaching programs from my Ad that this course helped me set up! If you’re on the fence, my advice would be to jump inside!”

Katie Ferro

Profit Coach

Alex’s course [Flow Facebook Ads] has been incredible for my business.

I’ve known I needed ads for at least 6 months and I’ve been scared to pull the trigger. Agency fees are high and I’ve been so intimidated by the fees but also intimidated to learn ads myself. I’ve tried boosting things and promoting things and it’s only ever been a waste of money. 

Flow Facebook Ads turned that all around. It’s at a price point a fraction of a month’s worth of agency fees, it’s simple and actionable, and my very first ad is converting at less than $2/lead on average. I’ve got over 100 new subscribers in less than a week! But not only that – getting ready to write copy for my ads showed me I needed to clarify things and it’s taken my business in a new, aligned direction.
Alex is great at taking a complex topic and making it simple! There’s no fluff. Just all the info and tools you need to get an ad converting so you can finally take the next step in your business

Jess O’Connell

Business Strategist and Empowerment Coach

“Before Flow Facebook Ads, FB ads were like Greek to me. They overwhelmed me and while I ran a few before, I had no idea if they were doing well or not. 

Alex is like the FB ad Rosetta Stone. She makes the process SO SIMPLE, and really helps you narrow down your audience. It was so fun to see your ads start working, and to know what to do if they weren’t. 
If you’ve tried other FB ads courses and gotten overwhelmed, or if you are a total n00b, this program will demystify ads and walk you through how to create ads that start working for you!”

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