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Do you want to create a sales funnel that is going to book more clients and make more sales on autopilot? Let me take you step by step on how I create sales funnels to book more discovery calls and close them easily. 

Step #1 

The first step to creating the sales funnel that’s going to book you more sales calls and be able to close them easily on autopilot is you have to create a signature freebie. A signature freebie is going to be something that all of your potential and ideal clients are going to opt into. My potential clients will either be going  for my facebook ad workshop or they’re going to go towards my sales funnel workbook. I created those specifically towards the topics I focus on and I know that if they are interested in those two things then they will be interested in something like my mastermind or working with me one on one or buying my courses. I create a signature freebie so that I have a system that is going to bring in traffic, get them into my space and then I’m going to do the next step

Step #2 

My second step to creating a sales funnel that is going to book more clients is to take them to what I call the “hub”. Your “hub” is going to be a place or community. If you have a new person that has no idea about you or who you are, you need to take them to a place that you’re going to be nurturing them.

If you are constantly active on Instagram, a Facebook group or you are really consistent somewhere else, pick a place and make sure to take people to that place. That is the step by step process that you can be doing to make sure you get sales, sales calls, and to be able to close people. You have to do the process of three things. 

  1. Getting them into your space 
  2. Nurturing them and creating that know – like trust factor. 
  3. Closing 

Step #3

My third step is you really need to make your call super value packed. You can’t just put a booking page up and then just expect people to book a call with you. You need to make your call super interesting, because the way that we used to do discovery calls,a couple years ago are different. Everybody is using them so as a result people don’t care that much. If you can make your sales calls something that people are really interested in learning or being able to want to schedule that call with you that is going to help you with booking those sales calls.Make  them different from what others are doing!

Step #4 

Create your email sequence in the order of:

  1. Welcome Email- introduce yourself, give signature freebie. 
  2. Three Educational Emails- create a know-like -trust factor with educational content 
  3.  Two Story Emails- These can be your personal story, or case studies. 

Step #5 

The final step, is in your emails invite them to book a call with you. Put something at the bottom of each of your emails that are going to get people to book a call with you. Push that it is a value packed call

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