I love using ads in any way shape or form whether that is facebook or instagram ads because they allow me to amplify my results no matter how well I’m doing organically . When I am using Facebook Ads I know for sure that I am amplifying those organic results. Read below the Facebook Ads 101 I created just for beginners!

I am able to make more sales, reach billions of more people and help them and that’s what I love about using ads. Now, the problem that I see is this over thinking of Facebook and Instagram ads. We feel like the only people that can ever use them are millionaires and this is simply not true! You do not have to have ten thousand dollars in your budget to be able to use Facebook Ads.

You can use Facebook Ads at a very small budget, I always tell my clients that if they want to see results with their facebook ads and funnels that we have to start testing not only the ads but the entire spectrum of the funnel: the ads to the freebie, to the automated webinar to the emails, we are taking a look at and testing the entire thing. 

So when I am doing Facebook ads for a client I am always focusing on how we can focus on the small part first but then also really focusing on the entire spectrum because I see it as for example: You see a beautiful house then you go inside and it smells like cat piss and it looks absolutely disgusting you would never buy this house because of the way it looks on the inside.

That being said that is the same thing when it comes to your facebook ad and your funnel. If your facebook ad looks beautiful but everything else in your funnel looks like crap then you’re not going to get results.

Facebook Ads 101 For Beginners:

Step #1

The first step to Facebook Ads 101, know your people.

You need to know who your specific person is you need to know their pain points, happy points- how are you going to attract that person into your space. I always tell my clients to use a “look-a-like” if you have the option to use a look-a-like, do it!

Because “look-a-likes” are a way that Facebook Ads are doing all the work for you, it takes the data from things like your email list or instagram following and helps find more of those people. However, if you don’t have the option then that is when you go into the interest targeting where you have to figure out what kind of companies and interests do these people like? 

Next is to start small. When you are having a budget you want to start small at first and then work your way up. When you do this it is a lot easier because then you are actually testing your funnel . When you start seeing results with those ads you are going to start growing and putting more money into the budget because you are seeing results! 

Step #2

Do not use placements with your facebook ads that don’t matter. I see so many people who are wasting money when it comes to placements. So when it comes to placements when creating a Facebook Ad you want to make sure to uncheck everything besides the ones that you think your ideal client is actually looking at. Think about what they are looking at , if your ideal client is not into instagram, then why are you using that as a placement? You really need to think: Who is my ideal client? where are they at? What are they looking at? And where are they going to click on?

Step #3

Use pictures of YOU. It is so important that you guys are branding yourselfs. STOP using stalk photos as your facebook ads, people want to see your face, people want to know more about you. You are your brand so you need to start showing up as that . So when it comes to Facebook ads start showing your face, get them to know about you and to gain recognition, putting a face to the name to what you do.

Step #4

Keep your copy SIMPLE. Most of the time when it comes to simple facebook ads where you are just trying to get people to join your community keep your copy simple. For example mine is a sales funnel workbook, it gets me 90% conversion on my opt in that normally averages $2.00 per lead. The copy on that ad is super simple, no long text.

Step #5

If you have a fast freebie, something like  PDF or a download of some kind those are going to get the cheapest and fastest types of leads when it comes to Facebook Ads. When it comes to fast freebies I would definitely recommend having a funnel all connected to this and focus on having a process in which you have a facebook at to fast freebie and then the next step is to get them to join an automative webinar of some kind. 

With ads have a plan, don’t just do ads for no reason or you will just be wasting your money. 

Thats all of my steps. Need help with Facebook Ads? Check out this: