A Sales funnel for your online business will be what helps you consistently grow your audience of potential clients and warm them up into paying clients.

If you want to reach your DREAM clients on autopilot so you aren’t on your computer until 2am every night to make your next sale, your best bet is to create a sales funnel that has a goal behind it to do just that for you. And I have created enough of them to know how.

So what is the process?

1.Create your signature freebie

Create something your DREAM client would LOVE and WANT. Too many times I see people who think they should do a freebie only to find out its not successful in conversions because the person thought they should put out something the client would NEED. The problem with that though is the person doesn’t know if they need it or not. So its up to you to make something they WANT not NEED, because if they are the ones WANTING to opt in. My favorite to create, the easiest to create, and also get the best conversions are PDF’s.

2. Write out your email nurture sequence

Write out 7-8 emails of story telling, and giving educational, valuable information that your subscribers can read and say “yeah I like this chick”. In the last 2 emails, thats when you promote your 1:1 services if you have them.

3. Create the opt in page and thank you page

When creating your first sales funnel, don’t try to get brave and do upsells, downsells, and tons of tripwires. Instead focus on just having a process that takes them to your “hub”. A “hub” is basically your community, usually whereever you are most active. If you have a free facebook community, use your thank you page to take them there. If you are more on Instagram stories, tell them you do educational content over there and to follow you!

Here are some examples of opt in pages and thank you pages for inspiration:

This is my landing page opt in for my Sales Funnel Workbook. It has a 90% conversion rate to a cold audience. It’s simple and easy for people to sign up, plus it tells them WHY they need this workbook.

Click here for the workbook

This is my client, Kate’s thank you page for one of her PDF’s. It tells them where to go next which is her Facebook community.

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