Having a vision board allows me to manifest and take action steps towards the business & life of my dreams. They help me realize what I want, and when I look at them I know what goals I am striving for. Here is my step by step process to creating a vision board to manifest the business & life I desire:

1.Grab your notebook and pen. Write out what your dream business & life look like for you.

Mine are:

  1. 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
  2. I am fully confident in my body, feel healthy, and sexy
  3. Take 2-3X a year trips with my family
  4. A finished backyard with a pool
  5. An office that I feel inspired, and creative
  6. Weekly date nights with hubby
  7. Self care with daily meditating + more
  8. My business has the main priority of “Less Work, Make More Money”
  9. Get an ocean animal tattoo: whale, or octopus
  10. Monetize Youtube


2. Go to Pinterest.com and grab pictures that represent what you wrote down.

3. Go to Canva to put the pictures there

4. Save it to your computer screensaver and phone screensaver

Having a vision board always staring back at you will remind you to stay to why you are doing what you are doing. During those times where you feel like nothing is working, or that you feel like you have to do X in order to make more money.. look back onto your vision board to remind yourself you need to be doing DAILY activities to strive towards the things on your vision board.

For me, that is making sure I don’t go back to my hustling ways. That I meditate and exercise daily. That I make sure to organize a weekly date night with my husband. But also that I create a business that makes good money in order for me to take family trips, get my new car, and finish my backyard with a pool.


I want to see your vision board! Tell me all about yours in the comments below!