Have you always thought that going on vacation and making sales was impossible? That the notion that you can make sales while doing practically nothing is just fake and a total scam.

It’s not, and I am going to break this down on how I went on vacation to California to go to Legoland, Disneyland, and a nice day on the beach for a photoshoot with my family WHILE I also still made sales, my marketing was still running, and my clients still felt supported.

Having a business that runs mostly on autopilot is VERY important if you want sanity. If you are always in hustle mode of:

  • Daily lives
  • Posting 3X daily in Facebook Groups
  • Messaging 5 people per day
  • Creating new content

This NEEDS to stop. There is a better way of making money, and that’s by having a business that is working FOR you. Here is my step by step process to a freedom service based business:

Step One: Create Freedom Offers

Freedom Offers are offers that allow you the freedom to live your everyday life. Freedom Offers can be different for each client I talk to, but to figure out yours I want you to journal this:

“What Does My Dream Business Looks Like?”

Is that a group program that is always getting sales and allows people to renew every 3 months? Is that a membership that you do 2 group calls per month to coach people? Is that having 5-6 courses that you just sell every month?

There is a ton of options you can have when it comes to creating your freedom offers.

Step Two: Freedom Marketing Plan

This is often wayyyyyy overlooked, but if you want a business that continues to scale, you will have to make sure your social media stays in its momentum. Have a marketing plan set in stone that is running even while you’re on vacation. For me, what I did before my vacation was I wrote out about 30 social media posts that could be scheduled out on my Instagram while I was gone.

To batch a bunch of content all at once, I want you to think of what are the pain points/happy points of my ideal client, also what is your ideal client thinking right now. Then write posts like you are talking to that specific person. Schedule these through something like Later, Planoly, etc and you are ready for a vacation!

Here is an example of what I wrote for my ideal clients points and what they are thinking (don’t mind the horrible handwriting):

Here is a quick example of one of the posts that was running even while on vacation: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0Boo8oJOFz/


If you want to start living a life where you get to take vacations and make money you need to get off your butt and go take your vacation!

This was something I struggled with myself. Feeling guilty for not making enough sales so I would stay home and hope for sales to come in. Thinking that if I did this or that to hustle inside my business, the money would come and then I can take a vacation.

However, the problem with thinking you have to hustle in your business to make money, you WON’T ever make money while on vacation like that. I know this is totally woo-woo, but start living the lifestyle you want and you’ll start receiving it.

This doesn’t mean that if your dream life looks like vacationing to Paris and buying Chanel and you don’t have the means for that. What it does mean: take small steps to living that lifestyle you desire like maybe doing a staycation (but get off the computer!). What it meant for me is to get off my computer and go to California to spend some meaningful time with my kids, my husband, and family.

Check out some of the photos: