Most people are overwhelmed by Facebook ads and feel like they’re going to waste a ton of money when they get started. I have 3 quick tips for you on how you can use Facebook Ads on a budget!

Tip #1:

The first tip to using Facebook Ads On A Budget is getting very clear on who your ideal client is. If you don’t know who they are, you’re going to be sending money down the drain. If you don’t currently know, you can use a lookalike audience.

A lookalike audience takes all of the data from either your Instagram, Facebook page, or email list, and Facebook goes to work finding people similar to them.

I definitely recommend that if you’re on a budget, don’t spend time trying to find a cold audience. Find people similar to those who’ve already engaged with your work. To begin with a look alike audience, you need about 1,000 data points ( so 1,000 people on your Instagram, email list, or facebook page minimum )

Tip #2:

My second tip to using Facebook Ads On A Budget is to use retargeting ads. Because most people don’t utilize these.

You can retarget your current audience who’ve looked at your opt-in, viewed your sales page, follow you on IG, or on your email list. The amazing thing about this is that these people are already interested in you and your content. They know, like, and trust you already.

So you can use ads to get them on a webinar, to view your sales page, or book a discovery call. This is a great way to start making money off of ads without having to do too much testing. 

Tip #3:

The final tip to use Facebook Ads On A Budget is if you want to do lead generation ads, I would recommend creating a fast-value freebie. A checklist, guide, or PDF download works amazing. A live challenge is a little bit more expensive because people like to receive things quickly. We have short attention spans so you need to make sure to give them something that gives them value right away. 

If you need more guidance when it comes to use Facebook Ads On A Budget I have the perfect workshop for you to learn all about ads: