Having successful, profitable Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads has to do with many factors.. but today I wanted to focus on one that EVERYONE seems to worry about: THE GRAPHIC.. dun dun dun.

Yes, your graphics are important when it comes to your Facebook ads, and that is because of 2 things:

  1. You have to get the consumer to stop endless scrolling on their newsfeeds
  2. You have to get them interested in clicking the ad

So instead of just showing you 20 different types of Facebook ads, I want to show you just 5 and also show you WHY they work so that you can take that information and use it for your own ad graphic.

Facebook Ad Graphic #1:

This is my client, Gianna‘s Facebook ad for her quiz lead magnet. This ad gets about under a $1 per lead (which means for every email subscriber that joins her email list, she spends under a $1). There are a number of reasons why this ad graphic WORKS so let me break that down:

  1. It’s her brand and personality that is being shown through in just one graphic. When it comes to ads, its super important that if you want the RIGHT people to join your community/audience, you have to show YOU in every way possible in that first connection. The pink, the pink glitter, the picture of her in her cutesy pose is to show her personality.
  2. There is a clear headline that is telling them what they will get when they do the quiz. They will know what is blocking them from manifesting their soulmate. Having a clear headline that states what they will get out of opting into your lead magnet can be a big reason why someone opts in.
  3. There is a clear call to action ON the graphic. It tells them they will take a quiz, and people love quizzes.

Facebook Ad Graphic #2:

This is Amy Porterfield. I wanted to put this one up here because its fairly new but I want to show you WHY this one works. Amy Porterfield’s Facebook Ads are one of my favorites because they pay attention to what the consumers eyes will look at. Here is why this graphic works:

  1. It’s a square graphic. Let’s say that you are on your phone and you’re scrolling through your news feed on Facebook or Instagram and you see this ad. The great thing about having a square graphic versus a rectangle one is that the graphic consumes about 80% of their phone, but a rectangle only takes up about 30% (this isn’t actual percentage here, im kind of just guessing, but you get the point). The bigger the graphic, the more likely they will be to stop and look.
  2. Clear headline that states what you learn when you click the ad. Headlines are SUPER important, not that you HAVE to have them on your graphic, in general though they do better that way.
  3. Picture of her that shows that she is friendly and trusting. I will say this A TON when it comes to why graphics work versus don’t. This works because with her sitting on the floor, her smile, and cool colors allow her to be seen as very trusting.

Facebook Ad Graphic #3:

This is Lisa Nichols. I love all of her graphics for her Facebook ads. Let me breakdown WHY her Facebook ads work:

  1. Her brand, her personality is shining through along with the fact that she is reaching out to you via the graphic. She is INVITING you into her world. This by far one of my favorite graphics she has because in just one photo she has been able to make the consumer feel welcome which in return makes the consumer know, like, and trust her even before opting in.
  2. The HEADLINE. Her headline is super on point to tell you what you will get out of downloading her free checklist.

Instagram Ad Graphic #1:

This is mine, and is actually to be used for Instagram Story placement ONLY. If you are not utilizing Instagram stories as ads, you NEED to be. Stories are what most people on Instagram are watching and when they are scrolling through stories, and this pops up.. BOOM thats someone swiping up and opting into my lead magnet. Let’s breakdown in more detail WHY this works:

  1. It’s an Instagram Story graphic. When someone is scrolling through their IG stories and this pops up to take up their whole screen for a few short seconds.. it gets them to see me and who I am and what I am about. Whenever I get potential clients wanting to work with me, most of the time it starts with “I first met you because of your ads!”.
  2. Screenshot of what they will get. If you have a checklist, workbook, or any type of downloadable lead magnet, having a screenshot of what it looks like is helpful. Us humans are visual people so when you show a glimpse to what they will get, it helps for them.
  3. Clear headline. Again, it tells them what they will be able to do when they download my workbook.
  4. In my own picture of myself, I am looking down at what I want you to look at. Although I don’t think is a BIG reason why this ad works but I think it’s a small factor because I want you to look at what’s important.

Instagram Ad Graphic #2:

This my client, Kate‘s ad. I want to show this because its kind of different from the others, so I wanted to show some different ones but still why this one still works.

  1. A stock photo that catches the eye. In the case of Kate, we tried doing graphics of pics of her but when it came down to it, the stock photo worked the best. I think the mean reasoning behind this is because we were pushing towards an audience that isn’t used to ads about starting their own business. So in order to catch their eye and make them stop we did a graphic about clothes and still to this day those red pumps is what everyone talks about.
  2. CLEAR HEADLINE. I could say this over and over again, and I will. Your headline is important. If it’s not on the graphic, thats okay but your caption on the ad DEFINITELY needs to be amazing! In this case, we asked them a simple question of if they had a passion for fashion and that if they clicked the ad they can learn how to become a stylist.

Those are my top 5 favorite ad graphics of all time with a breakdown on why each of them work. Use that information to help you create your Facebook ad graphics. Have questions? Put them down below.