How would you like to retarget your followers so that you can maximize your sales through Facebook Ads?

Read below & watch the quick training to learn how to stop wasting your hard earned money and start making sales through Facebook Ads (and that’s by using retargeting ads!)

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a way to take all the data from your Facebook, Instagram, and Email list and give it to Facebook and target those people specifically with an ad. You can do retargeting ads for a number of different things.

For example, a waitlist coupon code to incentivize them to join your program. Which I’ve personally done with a client where she spent $40 and made $2500! Let’s say you want to do discovery calls to get people into your 1:1, you can also run a retargeting ad for that. Or if doors are closing soon and bonuses are going away, that’s a great opportunity. Just a quick little ad saying that doors are closing.

Here is a quick example of a retarget ad for my client, Genevieve:

Retargeting ads are something that not a lot of people are using, but you absolutely need to be using if you’re a service-based entrepreneur.

People aren’t always reading your emails in your funnel, or watching your lives, or constantly seeing you. But if you use a retargeting ad that lets them see you, it gets them to remember to buy your thing. It gets them to book a call with you, check out your program, or revisit your website.

You need to use retarget ads to make sure that you’re being seen by these followers at all times. Use a retarget ad to get in front of your followers so that you can make them buy.

The fastest way to do a retargeting ad is by going to where you would usually create an Instagram story. I’d make a short little 15 second video as the ad with a bit of copy with a CTA. Then I would download the video to my video, upload it to Google drive or Dropbox, and then download it from my computer. Once there, I’d make it a facebook ad to target my facebook page followers, IG followers, and email list ( which is my warm audience).

So, if you want to make sales through Facebook Ads, start by using retargeting ads!

If you want to know more about Facebook retargeting ads, you’re welcome to watch my free Facebook Ads Workshop here: