Do you want to create Facebook Ads that grow your email list at $1 per lead OR LESS? Let me walk you through my step by step process to how I get $1 Per Lead On Facebook Ads for my client’s and my own ads!
Let’s do it!

STEP ONE: Create A Fast Valued Freebie

Step one to getting $1 Per Lead On Facebook Ads is to create what I call a fast valued freebie. It’s a freebie that gives your subscriber value right away. If it’s a freebie they have to wait to get, for example: a webinar, live challenge or video series.. these are freebies that are a little more expensive.

You have to understand that us humans have short attention spans so someone who has no connection to you, doesn’t know you isn’t going to want to wait to get content from you. So before you have them opting into something dated that they have to wait for, get them in through either a checklist download, pdf download, or a free video training they will get right away.

Here is a quick example of one of my fast valued freebies:

Click here to see this opt in (I get about 90% conversions on this opt in: so pay attention to what it looks like)

STEP TWO: Figure Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

In order to target through Facebook Ads the RIGHT people for you, is by knowing EXACTLY who you’re looking for.

Ask yourself “Who is my ultimate ideal client?”and “what are the specific interests of that person?”. What companies does this person like? (please don’t write down general ones like target) What popular influencers does this person like? What interests of this person differ from the general population?

For example, if I was a health and fitness coach helping new moms lose their baby weight with my 90 day baby weight loss plan, I would probably use these interests:

STEP THREE: Test Your Different Copy

Testing your different ads is important! Your copy is going to be what gets people to click into the ad. A headline that’s going to get them to want to read more and copy that’s going to have them saying “I need this!” is what you need to shoot for.

Test out a short copy and a long copy to see which ones works best for you and attracts your ideal client.

Here is a copy example for my workbook:

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